Sights. Sounds. Energy.

NiteLite's decades of experience and network of quality production partners enable us to provide you with high end production on any scale, from small intimate events to world class major productions. We are ready to meet your highest standards and exceed your expectations. There is no limit to what we can do to help you “wow” an audience!

Every great production begins in planning. When all things come together in a well-planned event, the result is something truly unforgettable. NiteLite offers a scope of production services tailored specifically for your event -- we design and execute the best ideas for each individual event as well as offer on-site labor management, staging, sound, lights and video.

All of these elements must fuse together for a first-rate event experience. We deliver a worry-free and seamless final production by taking the complexity out of the process for you, making the experience of getting there as enjoyable as the show itself.
Designing and managing all production elements required to support and stage live entertainment and events takes know-how and experience...and we've got both.

Simply put, NiteLite is your “One-Stop” production source.


Delivering top-notch production doesn’t come easily. First we start with a thorough analysis of the needs at your event as every system is custom engineered for you. High-tech equipment and decades of experience are utilized in the planning of the audio/lighting & video systems for your show. Attention to detail is one of the things that set us apart … and it shows!

Smooth and fast set-up saves time and headaches for everyone. We utilize the most professional equipment available to deliver perfection. We also provide a complete range of lighting design features; ranging from conventional lighting fixtures to most up-to-date automated lighting special effects.


Providing the most recognizable and requested audio systems, we utlize such name products as:

  • JBL VerTec Flyable Line Array Speakers
  • JBL VerTec Flyable Line Array Subs
  • JBL VRX Flyable Line Array Speakers
  • JBL HLA Flyable Array Speakers
  • JBL HLA Flyable Sub
  • NEXO PS15 Flyable Speakers
  • NEXO LS1200 Subs
  • JBL Array Series 4890 Monitors
  • JBL SRX 4735 Flyable Speakers
  • JBL SP128S Subs
  • In Ear Monitor Systems
  • Complete Microphone stock


Mobile Stage Products:
Looking for mobile stage, trailer stage or a mobile trailer equipment that increases your productivity and guarantees optimum performance with very little maintenance for a lot of years?

Stages are the most durable and most highly advanced mobile stages&portable stage products on the market and in a huge range of models, with dimensions ranging from 6 m x 5 m to 27 m x 17 m (20’ x 16’ to 90’ x 56’).